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Overhauling in the Nigerian Health Sector

The health sector of a country is a crucial part that requires very delicate attention. Every country as of current knows the value of a functioning medical system. There is no better way to handle an impending medical threat in a country that does not have a very reliable and efficient response to health cases. Nigeria, as one of the great nation in Africa, ought to see the light in this and make of a necessity and priority a health sector that is fully functional nationwide, free from political and social disturbance.

Foreign countries have a fully functional medical emergency response system that attracts our top government officials. This goes a long way to tell the basic importance placed on the lives of its citizens, where no one citizen’s life is less valuable. Lots of attention has been placed on saving the very low-class person. Nigeria thus as a country, needs to find her way to a level playing ground where the lives of its citizens become a priority and worthy of good health.

Presently, it is viewed that majority of medical hospitals in some rural communities lack the right medical professionals as well as necessary equipment needed for their full functionality. This has left lots of people in those places in very chronic health dangers, as they live their lives without care or treatment to their ailments, leaving them on a death role path. There might even be a spread of viral disease to the population if such cases are not immediately arrested. Ultra-modern equipment should be provided in our public health centers. This would go long way to enable effectiveness in health care deliveries. Drugs and other medical supplies should be promptly made available to patients.

Another important factor to put in place is the prompt payments of medical staff salaries. Also, other rightful entitlements should be duly paid to these workers, as well as incentives. This would go a long way to motivate them to work effectively, fulfilling all their rightful duties.

Making our health sector efficient enough to attract health tourist by equipping them with state-of-the-art facilities and capable health practitioners is also a way of promoting the health sector in the country. More health facilities should be introduced by the government and private investors. Facilities such as The Gold Coast Cancer Foundation that was recently inaugurated by the Executive Governor of Bayelsa State in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State should be fully promoted and encouraged. This would also increase health tourism in the country.

A healthy nation makes a wealthy nation and so the government needs to pay rapt attention to details in line with the health sector, so as to reduce the ever-increasing rate of mortality in the country.


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