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Road to Balanced Education

Nengi David.

Education is said to be the process of imparting knowledge, skill, and judgment to a person and it could either be done formally or informally. It is known to be one of the most renowned tools that have been set from time in memorial to forge children into the next stage of life and also bring about enlightenment to the people. Education is universal, irrespective of color and race. It is the bridge that brings about transformation. The importance of education in a world system can never be overemphasized.

Education is in different forms. This write up is focused on formal education. Long before now, education is basically among other reasons for enlightenment, but today it is being hijacked for socio-economic reasons where people use it for profit-making rather than fulfill its original purpose.

The educational system of old had proven to be more efficient and reliable as compared with the present day system. Most of the great minds we have in the country presently were raised from that era of education. It is necessary that we find our way back to a better and balanced system of education.

Most public schools lack proper structure and maintenance, depriving the building of its attractiveness. These and many more are the reasons for neglect by the people thereby causing an increase in the population of uneducated children. The government, in order to provide a balanced educational system between the governments owned schools and private schools, must create an enabling environment, thereby making the schools conducive to learning. Washrooms should be properly sanitized and comfortable for usage.

It is most necessary to involve extra-educational activities to the schools’ calendar such as excursions and tours within and outside the state, thereby exposing these kids to other forms of learning and development. It is paramount to elevate the mind of these children, enabling them to have real-life experiences. Sports and creativity should be well enshrining into schools. More so, the educational curriculum should be fully updated and adhered to. There should also be a healthy competition amongst schools.

The government should of most importance equip these schools with qualified teachers that can teach these children up to the required standard of education, paying intensive attention to the curriculum that is very well obtainable in the country. These teachers should be well trained and retrained so as to fully attain the standards required for the job. Also, timely payment of teachers’ salaries should be done as well as other incentives so as to rekindle their passion for the job, this way they do not commercialize school hours.

When all these measures have been properly put in place, these public schools will become most attractive and welcoming to the people. Most people’s attention will then be redirected to government-owned schools.

Education is a primary right of every Nigerian citizen; the government, therefore, ought to elevate the standards of education in public schools, because only by so doing would we begin to enjoy a balanced educational system throughout the federation.


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