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Why Hauwa Liman Deserves A “Purple Heart”

She was beautiful, smart, challenging, empathetic and encouraging. She always looked to grow; to better herself as a person and a professional.

She was selfless, as she was determined, and left her mark on so many women in their most painful and vulnerable moments. From afar, you could tell she was one of God’s favorite humans.

Her love to serve her fatherland got no limit even when she walked through the valley of the shadow of death, she brought life to the world even though life is filled with ups and downs.

That sad day the news of her death sprung up on the media, It felt like the whole world was blinded. One could imagine the pains and trauma she passed through before her execution.

Every day It seems like a dream, one can’t believe she’s no longer existing, may God remember her face and grant her a place in heaven.

Indeed Hauwa Liman served Nigeria to the fullest and she deserves a “Purple Heart”, she deserves a symbol of sacrifice from the Nigerian state. She deserves to be in the Nigerian Hall of Fame.

The Federal Government ought to declare days of mourning for her, get her body from her abductors and give her a befitting national burial which should be filled with lots of guns salute. She was indeed a hero who risked her life, trying to save others.

The Nigerian State let her down when one had expected the security forces to stage a rescue mission and get her out of her abductors.

As we grow every day in our national lives, the struggles and deaths of our heroes like Hauwa Liman should always rest in our national lives and conscience and passed down from generation to generation.


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