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Why “INEC” should be called “NEC”

Observing elections from advanced climes like Britain, France, Canada et al, one can’t help but admire from a distance how coordinated, unbiased the electoral umpire are.

Not only are these umpires in saner societies effective and efficient, but their Independency as a body to deliver a credible and professional election exercises makes them stand out.

Going by the number of inconclusive and number of rerun elections in Nigeria within a space of three years, it leaves one to doubt the Independency of The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as an electoral body.

The systemic practice whereby the central Government keeps funding and appointing chairmen into this sensitive position without the electorates making an input is an aberration in our constitution. As this may pave way for favoritism and nepotism aka ” Man Know Man”, thereby enthroning or maintaining puppets in government because as the saying goes ” he who pays the piper dictates the tune”.

The most recent elections; Ekiti, and Osun, in these two states, the elections that took place were allegedly marred by irregularities and vote buying and one would expect INEC as an electoral body that is supposedly Independent to sanction these states either by calling for an outright cancelation of the exercise or banning candidates whose parties committed these electoral malpractices, rather winners were declared.

It has become a show of shame and pain seeing political gladiators chest beating of winning an election, not because they have performed or they will perform but because they believe in “politics behind the scene” and this has become the bane of Nigeria’s underdevelopment, crippling national strides.

If INEC cannot put its act together to conduct credible polls, the word “Independent” should not be associated with the agency.

From all indications, it is now glaring that INEC has not been “Independent”.  And more so if INEC cannot act as an autonomous agency, then it should be reformed through a constitutional amendment by the legislature.

Or otherwise, change her name from Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) to National Electoral Commission (NEC) if she wants to continue with this current electoral system.


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